About US

Our Story


Nike & Jarrod have been thrifting for clothes since they were in high school. They loved the hunt of going into the thrift, not know what gems they were going to find.
In 2019 they decided they wanted to share some of the things they found and that's how Westside Bintage started.

The name comes from where we are from and our cultural background. We are from Caroline Springs, a suburb located in the 'Westside' of Melbourne. 'Bintage' comes from our Filipino background as Filipinos pronounce their 'V' as 'B'.

To this day, you will still find us roaming our local op shops trying to find that hidden gem lying in the thrift clothing haystack. 

The Boys Behind the Bintage

Nike   |   Christian    |    Jarrod

The WB Crew




Our team consist of a bunch of mates who love to just hangout, have banter with one another and most importantly love going thrifting and finding hidden gems.